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VIP Concierge Therapy & Psychiatry personalized on another level for you is available in Boca Raton, Florida.

Convenient and confidential care in South Florida.

VIP Concierge Therapy & Psychiatry offers a therapy program designed specifically for patients who want extra care and services for a more private, exclusive and comprehensive therapeutic experience in Boca Raton, Florida.


Concierge therapy and psychiatry is an evolution in mental health services that offers patients the option to engage in a more intensive and personalized therapeutic treatment experience in Downtown Boca Raton. This level of care is the answer to many questions and complaints that patients in South Florida have noticed and verbalized about how they are treated in therapy and psychiatry offices.  


One-on-One therapy from doctors who specialize in VIP mental health care.

This unique program provides patients a more individualized treatment plan incorporating more therapy sessions each week, longer appointments and access to our board-certified VIP Psychiatrist weekly no matter the circumstances.

There's a new way to heal on your terms.

VIP Concierge Therapy & Psychiatry was created with the idea that your mind and mental health are what’s truly VIP and Very Important. For the patients and loved ones of people that are ready to put their mental health first and invest in themselves the most with the knowledge that without peace of mind nothing else matters. 

The tools I've obtained and progress I have made has proven to me (and family/friends) how incredible a good therapist and mental healthcare team can be.

Lindsey, FL

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