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Our Services.

Our Services

VIP Concierge Therapy & Psychiatry was created with the idea that your mind and mental health are what’s truly VIP and Very Important.

Mental health offices are overwhelmed and cannot and do not give patients the attention they need and deserve. This can result in a watered-down treatment plan and interventions that come too late and is less effective. For the patients and loved ones of people that are ready to put their mental health first and invest in themselves the most with the knowledge that without peace of mind nothing else matters.

Here is a quick snap shot of services included in our concierge psychology program:

Convenient Scheduling

Schedule therapy and psychiatry appointments immediately without waiting the standard 2-6 weeks. Phone calls and text messages responded to within hours.

Quality Care

Only treated by doctoral level therapists and board-certified psychiatrists. Special preference given in general to appointments, providers and the overall therapeutic experience. 

Personalized Treatment

Receive a curated treatment plan executed and supervised by Dr. Verdon and Dr. Mor, consisting of intensive interventions meaning more therapy/psychiatry visits and longer sessions.

Modern Methods

Empirically validated (statistically valid) psychological full battery including IQ, personality testing, ADHD screening, full drug panel and diagnostic clinical interview. 

Why wait? Get started today.

Your road to a better you starts here. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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